Boost Your Well-being with
Complementary and Alternative Therapy

Healing doesn’t have to start with a prescription. Find the best alternative wellness solutions for you.

  • Mind-Body Medicine

    Mind-Body Medicine

    Relieve stress, anxiety and depression, boost your immune system, and ease your mind and body with therapies like yoga and meditation.

  • Whole Medical Systems

    Whole Medical Systems

    Restore your body to its natural state by focusing on holistic theories and practices, specifically ayurveda and Chinese medicine.

  • Body-Based Practices

    Body-Based Practices

    Treat arthritis, joint and lower back pain, migraines, sports injuries, and more with effective manipulative and body-based practices.

  • Energy Medicine

    Energy Medicine

    Rejuvenate and channelize your energy by making use of our techniques and traditions, including yoga, acupuncture, and qigong!

  • Biologically-Based Practices

    Biologically-Based Practices

    Biologically-based practices focus on substances that can heal, strengthen, and balance the body with herbs and functional food.

Get on Board with
Complementary and Alternative Therapy

If you wish to venture outside the realm of modern medicine, then complementary and alternative therapy is perfect for you! Individuals worldwide pursue
complementary approaches to wellness as a way to manage the side effects of pharmaceutical and surgically-based medical treatments, or to
substitute those treatments entirely with safer, more natural holistic approaches.

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The Most Popular
Alternative Therapies

People everywhere are leaning toward holistic healing instead of traditional medicine to help improve their overall health and well-being.

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