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About Homeopathy

Free from side effects, homeopathy treats ailments and chronic diseases by stimulating the body’s own defense mechanisms and healing powers. The best part: It's safe and effective for all ages.

Homeopathy - An Overview

In the 1700s, German physician Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann was dissatisfied with the medicine of the day, mostly due to its harsh side effects. He believed that the standardized prescribed treatments were more toxic than the diseases it worked to cure. Hahnemann developed a theory of “like cures like”—a notion that a substance that generates similar symptoms in healthy people can function as a treatment for a suffering individual. His other theory of “law of minimum dose” works on a notion that the lower the dose of medication, the higher the effectiveness. Hahnemann termed these theories as Homeopathy, Greek for “similar suffering.”

Commonly Treated Problems

  • Common colds
  • Flu
  • Sinus infections
  • Inflammation
  • Pain

How Does It Work?

Three Laws of Cure govern the administration of homeopathic practices to reduce the amount of evasive and harsh medication prescribed to cure a patient's ailments.

  • Treat with medicines that produce similar symptoms to relieve a person of their ailments
  • Reduces the dosage of prescribed medication
  • Dilutes the content of medicine enough to cure the ailment but not create any side effects


Homeopathy has several methods to achieve a positive physical change of the body, each focusing on complementary health: Laws of Similars, Laws of Simplex, and Laws of Minimum. Despite their differences, these laws heal you of your common ailments with the smallest amount of treatment to create a healthier lifestyle.

Today, homeopathic doctors continue to weaken remedies, providing their patients with the safest, most effective cure. Find a homeopathic center near you!

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