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About Meditation

Practicing various meditation techniques helps you find happiness and soothe your soul. Meditation bliss also leads to reduced stress, improved concentration, increased self-awareness, and better health.

Meditation - An Overview

Meditation has been recorded as early as 1500 BCE, deriving from Hindu traditions of Vedantism. Then somewhere between 6th and 5th centuries BCE, other forms were developed, especially in Buddhist India and Taoist China. Since that time, the practice has been adopted in several different countries, quickly becoming an important part of many religions and spiritual traditions. People practice this ancient form of therapy to quiet the mind, open the heart, build internal energy, listen deeply, and promote relaxation. It can be done in sitting or kneeling positions, or even by walking. And while there are a million forms of meditation in the world, some basic elements of the meditation posture involve the Quarter Lotus, the Half Lotus, the Full Lotus, and the Burmese Position. To feel the most relaxed and at peace, one must elongate their spine, rest their hands, relax their shoulders, tuck in their chin, open their jaw, and rest their gaze.

Meditation and its practice

For thousands of years, meditation has been practiced worldwide to improve health, well-being, concentration, and memory, and most importantly, find inner peace. Similarly, meditation allows anyone involved to slip away from the mental turbulence of their thought processes and into a state of consciousness. If you're interested in practicing meditation, there are a few basic tips on getting started, with the first being to prepare yourself. You will learn just how busy the mind is when you're trying to concentrate, whether on breath, the body, or sense perceptions. You will also learn the quality of attention, care, and self-compassion. Moreover, you will start acknowledging yourself for taking time out of the busy, hectic, long day to maintain your overall health and well-being. It's no wonder meditation is considered a powerful and effective way to transform lives and increase the experience of creativity and tranquility.

Meditation, its poses, and techniques

There are lots of meditation poses out there, and they aren't all awkward-looking like one might assume! They are actually quite simple and easy to accomplish! However, once your flexibility has improved over time, you can decide whether or not you would like to challenge yourself to more advanced positions. So, let's get started. One well-known position involves sitting in a chair (with an adjustable height) or on a meditation cushion (with your behind on the cushion and your legs crossed in front of you). You can also kneel using a meditation bench so you'll remain comfortable for long periods. There's the Burmese Position, a cross-legged position with the feet remaining on the floor (a pose that beginners will find easy). Then there's the Quarter Lotus, Half Lotus, and lastly, the Full Lotus, which is a cross-legged position with the feet resting on opposite thighs.

Is Meditation ideal for stress relief?

Life will always be full of challenges, failures, and anxious moments, but there happens to be an effective way to activate the body's natural relaxation response, keeping stress at bay. And meditation is that way. In fact, meditating on a regular basis, even a few minutes here and there, can restore balance and inner peace, which are significant factors in reducing stress. What's more is that meditation is known for benefiting both our emotional well-being and overall health.

What are the health benefits of Meditation?

Meditation involves several important health benefits for anyone looking to dive deep into themselves and enrich their lives. Who would have thought, right? So, first, meditation is known for boosting relaxation, which in turn, boosts immunity. It's especially helpful for the elderly, as relaxation promotes greater resistance to health issues like tumors and viruses. Meditation also reduces aging, helps cure unhealthy emotional states, and lower blood pressure, which helps make the body less responsive to stress hormones. When the stress response is turned off, the risk of heart disease, arthritis, asthma, and even certain skin conditions like psoriasis are decreased. In addition, meditation relieves irritable bowel syndrome, easing the symptoms of bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. And one health benefit that we found interesting: meditation can increase fertility. That's right! Numerous studies have suggested that women are more likely to conceive during relaxed periods than when they are feeling stressed.

What common problems are treated with Meditation?

Most types of meditation involve being quiet and still while others involve gentle movement. Overall, meditation is meant to help us remain mentally calm and emotionally stable. Meditation is also known for treating a wide range of health problems, flushing out negative emotions from the body, and releasing any anger, tension, or frustration. Those health problems include severe depression and anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, respiratory issues, and addiction. Moreover, meditation has been said to improve the condition of cancer patients.

Is Meditation more for the body or mind?

A good question, indeed! Practicing meditation helps the body and mind equally. So, what happens to the body when we meditate, you may be asking? Not only does it develop a stronger immune system, but meditation also reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure, and decreases pain. When it comes to the mind, meditation helps build concentration and focus, boost cognitive function, and enhance willpower. And when we combine the body and mind, meditation helps reduce depression and ease stress and anxiety levels.

Can Meditation be practiced in the workplace?

Since stress is one of the top epidemics to date, there are several employers who encourage workplace meditation to improve their employees' health and wellness. Even the mental and physical demands of our jobs require us to set a consistent time to meditate during the day or our lunch breaks, whether that means sitting outside, in our office, or in a comfortable room. Meditation will help us make better strategic decisions, receive greater mental clarity, and be in tune with the present.

When is the best time of day to meditate?

While brief meditations are recommended throughout a long, busy day, or simply when you want to relax your body and calm your mind, the right time truly depends on what you want to take from it. For instance, meditation first thing in the morning is good for setting the tone for the day, especially before getting busy with anything else. A midday meditation break is perfect for de-stressing, easing tight muscles, and boosting creativity. Then evening meditation is appropriate for creating a boundary between work and your personal life.

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