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The Yoga Center has been dedicated to the study and practice of hatha yoga and its teachers follow the Iyengar tradition in all daytime and evening classes. Several levels of classes are available to meet the needs of students at differing degrees of ability; new students may be interested in our Introductory Series. Each class is designed to help students build strength and gain flexibility through concentration and precise action. The Center is fully equipped with props which assist the student in a deeper experience of each pose. In addition to an expected increase in flexibility and strength, students of Iyengar yoga acquire increased awareness of the self, a calm and stable mind and greater discipline and concentration. Iyengar yoga focuses specifically on the needs of the individual and each student receives personal attention from the teacher in every class. Teachers trained in this tradition are skilled at adapting the poses for students with physical limitations and are known for making hands on adjustments. It is a vigorous and mentally challenging approach to a wide range of asanas.

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1940 East 8th Street, Charlotte, NC 28204
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